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Fragrenza: Discover the Art of Perfumery Through Fragrance Notes


Perfumes have the unique ability to evoke memories, express individuality, and captivate those around us. Fragrenza, an esteemed online fragrance retailer, is dedicated to helping customers explore the enchanting world of scents by offering a diverse range of high-quality perfumes and providing in-depth insights into the art of perfumery. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating realm of fragrance notes and learn how they shape the unforgettable experience that is Fragrenza’s exceptional perfume collection.

Understanding Fragrance Notes

Fragrance notes are the individual scents that make up a perfume’s unique olfactory signature. These notes are often divided into three categories: top, middle (or heart), and base notes. Together, they create a harmonious blend that evolves as the perfume is worn, revealing a complex and multi-faceted sensory journey.

Top Notes: The First Impression

Top notes are the initial scents that you detect when first applying a perfume. These notes are typically light, fresh, and evaporate quickly, making way for the heart notes. Common top notes include citrus fruits, such as bergamot and lemon, as well as aromatic herbs like lavender and rosemary. Fragrenza’s selection of perfumes showcases a variety of enticing top notes, designed to make an unforgettable first impression.

Middle Notes: The Heart of the Perfume

As the top notes begin to fade, the heart notes emerge, forming the core of the fragrance. These notes are generally richer and more full-bodied, providing depth and character to the perfume. Popular middle notes include floral scents like jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang, as well as spicy elements like cinnamon and cardamom. Fragrenza’s expertly crafted perfumes feature a diverse array of heart notes, ensuring that each scent tells a unique and captivating story.

Base Notes: The Lasting Impression

Base notes are the final scents that linger on the skin, providing the perfume with its enduring foundation. These notes are typically rich, warm, and long-lasting, and often include elements such as amber, vanilla, and sandalwood. Fragrenza’s collection boasts a wide range of exquisite base notes, expertly blended to create memorable and lasting impressions.

Exploring Fragrenza’s Perfume Collection

Fragrenza takes pride in offering a diverse selection of perfumes, ensuring that there is a perfect scent for every preference and occasion. Their expertly curated collection features an array of fragrances, each with a unique combination of top, middle, and base notes that create an unforgettable sensory experience.

Signature Scents for Every Occasion

Fragrenza’s perfume collection offers a wide range of scents, from fresh and invigorating daytime fragrances to sensual and alluring evening perfumes. By providing detailed information about each fragrance’s notes, customers can make informed decisions when selecting the perfect scent for any occasion.

Exclusive Collections and Niche Fragrances

Fragrenza’s commitment to providing customers with unique and extraordinary scents extends to its exclusive collections and niche fragrance offerings. These one-of-a-kind perfumes feature rare and exotic notes, allowing fragrance enthusiasts to explore new olfactory territories and expand their perfume collection with truly exceptional scents.

Discover Your Perfect Fragrance Notes

Fragrenza’s user-friendly website makes it easy for customers to search for perfumes based on their preferred fragrance notes, ensuring that they find the perfect scent to match their tastes and personality. By providing detailed descriptions and note breakdowns for each perfume, Fragrenza allows customers to make well-informed decisions and discover scents that truly resonate with them.

The Fragrenza Experience: Quality, Craftsmanship, and Education

At Fragrenza, the focus is not only on providing customers with an extraordinary selection of perfumes but also on sharing the knowledge and passion for the art of perfumery. Through informative articles and expert insights, Fragrenza helps customers understand the intricacies of fragrance notes and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each perfume.

High-Quality Ingredients

Fragrenza is committed to using only the finest ingredients in their perfumes, ensuring that customers experience the true essence of each fragrance note. By sourcing high-quality raw materials from around the world, Fragrenza guarantees that every scent in their collection is a true olfactory masterpiece.

Expert Blending and Craftsmanship

Creating a harmonious and captivating perfume requires expert knowledge of fragrance notes and how they interact with one another. Fragrenza’s skilled perfumers are dedicated to crafting exquisite scents that showcase the beauty and complexity of each note, resulting in a collection of perfumes that are both sophisticated and enchanting.

Educating Customers on the Art of Perfumery

Fragrenza believes that an appreciation for the art of perfumery enhances the enjoyment of each scent. By providing detailed information on fragrance notes and how they contribute to the overall perfume experience, Fragrenza helps customers develop a deeper understanding of their favorite scents and encourages them to explore new fragrances with confidence.

Embrace the World of Fragrenza and Discover Your Signature Scent

With its diverse collection of high-quality perfumes and dedication to educating customers on the art of perfumery, Fragrenza is the ultimate destination for fragrance enthusiasts looking to discover their perfect scent. By exploring the captivating world of fragrance notes, you can embark on a sensory journey that reveals the true essence of each perfume and unveils the unique olfactory story behind every Fragrenza creation.

Personalized Fragrance Recommendations

Understanding that each individual has unique preferences and tastes when it comes to fragrances, Fragrenza offers personalized recommendations to help customers find their signature scent. By considering factors such as personal style, desired mood, and preferred fragrance notes, Fragrenza ensures that every customer finds a perfume that truly embodies their essence and enhances their overall experience.

Curated Collections for Every Occasion

Fragrenza understands that different occasions call for different scents, and their curated collections make it easy for customers to find the perfect fragrance for any event. From romantic date nights to energizing office scents, Fragrenza offers a wide variety of perfumes that cater to various needs, ensuring that customers always make a memorable impression.

Exclusive Limited Edition Releases

For customers seeking truly unique and exclusive scents, Fragrenza periodically releases limited edition perfumes that showcase rare and exotic fragrance notes. These exceptional creations provide fragrance enthusiasts with the opportunity to indulge in one-of-a-kind scents that evoke a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Fragrenza is dedicated to promoting sustainability and ensuring that their perfumes are created with respect for the environment. By utilizing eco-friendly practices and responsibly sourced ingredients, Fragrenza demonstrates their commitment to protecting the planet while still providing customers with high-quality, luxurious fragrances.

Join the Fragrenza Community and Share Your Passion for Perfumes

For those who are passionate about the world of perfumery and wish to connect with like-minded individuals, Fragrenza offers a thriving online community where customers can share their experiences, discuss their favorite fragrances, and exchange tips and advice. This sense of camaraderie and shared passion for perfumes helps create a welcoming and engaging environment for fragrance enthusiasts.

Unparalleled Customer Support

At Fragrenza, the satisfaction of their customers is a top priority. To ensure that every customer receives exceptional support and assistance, Fragrenza offers a dedicated customer service team that is ready to answer any questions and address any concerns. By providing personalized attention and expert advice, Fragrenza creates a shopping experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Experience the Magic of Fragrenza and Elevate Your Scent Game

With an unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, Fragrenza has established itself as a leader in the world of perfumery. By offering an extensive collection of captivating scents, personalized recommendations, and a wealth of knowledge on fragrance notes, Fragrenza invites customers to embark on an olfactory adventure that will leave a lasting impression. Experience the magic of Fragrenza today and elevate your scent game to new heights.

Two muses of Emporio Armani’s “Together Stronger” commercial, with Alice Pagani and Nicholas Hoult

    Two muses of Emporio Armani's “Together Stronger” commercial, with Alice Pagani and Nicholas Hoult
    Two muses of Emporio Armani’s “Together Stronger” commercial, with Alice Pagani and Nicholas Hoult

    “Together Stronger”, the new commercial of Emporio Armani, with Alice Pagani and Nicholas Hoult

    For several years now, the Armani house has been presenting a couple of perfumes, the strength of which seems to be increased tenfold by the omnipotence of loving feelings. The Armani man and woman are quite simply inseparable. Together they are stronger and nothing can stop them! Continuing this momentum, the Italian brand has just presented its new couple for the year 2020, consisting of the essences In Love With You Freeze and Stronger With You Freeze. In addition, to better set the scene for this novel romance, Armani has also just unveiled the new advertisement. So how about following this passionate couple?

    Who are the two muses of the “Together Stronger” ad?

    Advertising for the Emporio Armani brand features two new muses: Alice Pagani and Nicholas Hoult. Gallantry obliges, let’s start by making the presentations with Alice Pagani… The young woman is an Italian actress, mainly known for her role in the series “Baby” of Netflix, in which she plays Ludovica Storti. Nicholas Hoult, meanwhile, is a British actor, who has already to his credit several roles in blockbusters, such as “X-Men”, or the films “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Tolkien”.

    The “Together Stronger” ad, a long and passionate romance

    The “Together Stronger” ad surprises with its format. Indeed, it lasts all the same more than three minutes in its long version, even if of course other shorter versions of this campaign will also be diffused on the screens. In this commercial, the two muses of Armani are staged in different places where they let their feelings speak, mainly through fiery exchanges of kisses. The game is played first in two cars interposed. Then, the couple meet again at nightfall in a carousel. The atmosphere then becomes more magical. Nicholas Hoult then joined Alice Pagani in her bath, without even bothering to take off her clothes. Finally, the advertisement ends on the station platform. Taken by feelings that are too strong, Nicholas Hoult cannot bring himself to let his beloved go. He decides to get on the already moving train to exchange, again, a sulphurous kiss with Alice Pagani. Here, the two protagonists of this advertising campaign are directed by director Fabien Constant and are photographed by Damon Baker.

    Emporio Armani fragrances are among the most anticipated scent releases of 2020. For men, Stronger With You Freeze is a woody fern capturing the energy of citrus. For women, In Love With You Freeze is like a spark of love rocked by a floral and fruity trail. The result is fragrances synonymous with love, a “joyful love, still as strong every day as the very first day”.

    Hugo Boss – Boss Bottled Sport Christmas 2012 Box


      Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled Sport Christmas 2012 BoxHugo Boss unveils its new Boss Bottled Sport Christmas 2012 Box set…

      Boss Bottled Sport Box

      Buy Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Sport at a low price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

      The Boss Bottled Sport set by Hugo Boss contains:

      • Boss Bottled Sport Eau de Toilette Spray 100 ml
      • a Shower Gel 150 ml Hugo Boss.

      Boss Bottled Sport is a fragrance with controlled power. Boss Bottled Sport fragrance is an aromatic aldehyde defined as follows.

      A zesty and fresh start with notes of pink grapefruit composes the head of Boss Bottled Sport. An association of cardamom and lavender in the heart to invigorate the senses. In the base, a virile woody note of vetiver.

      The design of the Boss Bottled Sport perfume takes up the codes of the classic Boss Bottled: masculine and iconic. Available in a frosted effect glass. A touch of red marks the sporting energy of the fragrance.

      A carbon fiber-look case in reference to high-tech sports.

      Men’s Perfume

      Olfactory Family: Aromatic – Aldehyde

      Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit.

      Heart Notes: Cardamom, Lavender.

      Base Notes: Vetiver.

      Find it at the best price at our perfume partner:  Boss Bottled Sport – Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all Hugo Boss brand products .

      Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care

        Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care
        Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care

        Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care, lasting protection for your eyes

        For almost a century now, the Annayake brand has taken care of your beauty. Originally, it was a very confidential sign. However, the exceptional quality of its products got the better of its notoriety. Today, Annayake is present in the four corners of the planet and sublimates the splendor of women in a lasting way. The formulas of its products are always very natural and refined. They are inspired by the origins of Annayake and very often contain ingredients from Asia. The Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care is a perfect example of this Western and Eastern blend. Its only ambition is to awaken your gaze and make it more radiant every day.

        The gaze, an extremely fragile area

        The face is a part of our body constantly exposed to external aggressions. However, the skin is thin and fragile. It therefore requires great attention and extreme vigilance to preserve its natural beauty as long as possible. What’s more, some areas of our face are even more vulnerable than others. This is the case with the outline of our gaze. Indeed, the skin is even more tender than elsewhere. It is not only thinner but also devoid of sebaceous glands. In other words, it does not have a hydrolipidic film to protect it. Yet it is also subject to continuous stresses. Between your eyelids which perform continuous movements and your different expressions, the contour of your eyes is not spared! It is therefore quite natural that he is the first to let the visible signs of time show through. The eye area is often marked by small wrinkles and it is precisely with the aim of sparing it as much as possible that the Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care has been developed.

        Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care, a concentrate of firmness

        The Extreme Eye Contour Care Annayakehas been specifically designed for the fragile skin around your eyes. This unique treatment takes the form of a smooth cream that instantly penetrates into the heart of your skin cells. Thus, it is applied with extreme softness and adapts perfectly to your thin and fragile skin. Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care effectively fights against the loss of firmness and hunts small wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Thus, as soon as it is applied, your face appears more awake and your eyes appear more lively. This smoothing effect is accentuated over the course of the applications. Thanks to the Extreme Eye Contour Care, your skin is firmer and less dull. It is then felt all over your face and your skin looks visibly younger. Annayake Extreme Eye Contour Care is unscented and has been specifically designed for the most sensitive skin. It avoids any allergy and acts ideally to sublimate the skins marked by the effect of time.

        Tsar, masculine elegance according to Van Cleef & Arpels

          Tsar, masculine elegance according to Van Cleef & Arpels
          Tsar, masculine elegance according to Van Cleef & Arpels

          Tsar is a great classic from Van Cleef & Arpels perfumery . This one is intended for a man who makes elegance an art. It then releases a generous scent halfway between complexity and classicism. In this case, Tsar delivers us an aromatic and woody accord.

          The timelessness of Van Cleef & Arpels

          Tsar is like Van Cleef & Arpels . It is a fragrance evocative of a prestigious heritage. With him, it doesn’t matter what year he was created, as he seems universal. He has a very natural nobility which immediately seems to command respect. It is then perfectly suited to a cultivated man imbued with an innate class. What is more, it is a tribute to a rich period in the creative history of the Van Cleef & Arpels brand . Indeed, Tsar refers to the 1920s, a moment marked by the awarding of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts Prize to the brand. Moreover, the Tsar bottle is totally borrowed from the Art Deco universe. We find in particular its pure and geometric lines.

          Tsar, an aromatic fern

          Tsar was composed by perfumer Philippe Bousseton. Its fragrance begins with a particularly aromatic and fresh scent of bergamot and rosemary. These two ingredients are then relayed by the very masculine and sunny scent of lavender. Then, Tsar evolves towards a more floral heart composed mainly of jasmine. The lightness of this ingredient is then enhanced with a hint of cinnamon. Finally, Tsar unveils its woody trail full of patchouli, oak moss and vetiver. The whole is then enveloped in all the sensuality of sandalwood. Also know that, for those who would like more lightness, Tsar also exists in a lighter water, refreshed with grapefruit, tangerine, melon and pineapple.

          La Tampteuse Encagée, a new and minimal floral part of Serge Lutens’ Black Collection

            La Tampteuse Encagée, a new and minimal floral part of Serge Lutens' Black Collection
            La Tampteuse Encagée, a new and minimal floral part of Serge Lutens’ Black Collection

            Serge Lutens is considered by many to be a real UFO in the world of perfumery. An extraordinary designer, he never follows trends and develops essences according to his own style. Each of them takes us into an imaginary world, leaving everyone free to express themselves. Once again, Serge Lutens has chosen to enrich his prestigious Collection Noire with a new essence. This one is called La Dompteuse Encagée and evokes the limits of freedom of expression, while letting a glimmer of hope appear in the distance.

            The strong and committed message conveyed by La Dompteuse Encagée

            The Encaged Tamer is a surprising and enigmatic name. The word “caged” is strong and suggests a restriction. Is the person who wears this perfume muzzled? In fact, through this perfume, Serge Lutens recalls the dangers of a restrictive society, limiting freedom of expression, and locking up thoughts. Here, Serge Lutens depicts a trapped human soul. However, not everything looks so gloomy. A light sparkles on the horizon, like a comforting and promising door. As always, its fragrance is accompanied by an intriguing sentence: “From this cold girl, painted in white, I have to take responsibility for everything. However, from this dreaded snow because it was planned, I sensed the avalanche. What the whiteness of the flower has seen does not bode well for freshness, the smell of frangipane compensates for it. Subtly amended, to be enjoyed directly on the skin ”. As you will have understood, this message shines through olfactively in a solar halo of frangipani flower and almond.

            La Tampteuse Encagée, a dark message enhanced by a luminous fragrance

            If the message announced by Serge Lutens is quite dark, its scent is not really. Moreover, it is even quite different from the other juices to which the creator had accustomed us. He, who generally works in a dark territory, relies here on more solar, gourmet and floral ingredients. The Encage Tamer contains frangipani flower and ylang-ylang. This generous bouquet deploys an intense and comforting luminosity. Here, it is a question of radiance, well-being and appeasement. Added to this is a touch of almond, placed more in the background. In perfect accordance with current trends, this juice is quite sweet. However, he never tilts into the overbidding of sentimentality. It is therefore perfectly balanced, thus letting the DNA and all the know-how of Serge Lutens shine through.

            La Tampteuse Encagée, a fragrance from the Black Collection

            As its bottle suggests, La Dompteuse Encagée belongs to Serge Lutens’ iconic Collection Noire. Thus, this juice is presented in a rectangular and very refined bottle. Equipped with a black label, it puts on a transparent glass, offering us here a splendid play of chiaroscuro. Like the entire Black Collection, La Dompteuse Encagée arouses questions and gives everyone a different interpretation. With it, men and women are free to let their imaginations run wild. La Tampteuse Encagée is not only a questioning of conventional perfumery but also a questioning of our society in its entirety.

            Serge Lutens perfume L’Eau de Paille

              Serge Lutens perfume L'Eau de Paille
              Serge Lutens perfume L’Eau de Paille

              Today, perfumeries are inundated with new scent essences, mostly from major fashion houses known across the entire planet. However, some brands manage to emerge in the midst of this flood of ever more innovative smells. This was particularly the case with the Serge Lutens house. This niche perfumery sees its development increasing year by year and will thus deliver a new essence to us within a few weeks. This will be called L’Eau de Paille and is advertised as an “anti-perfume”. In short, it is an original scent that we are already eager to discover.

              The L’Eau collection by Serge Lutens

              Serge Lutens is a creator at heart, born in the north of France in 1942. From the age of 14, he worked in a hairdressing salon, against his will, while he aspired to a career in actor. Then, in the 1960s, he went to Paris where he worked in the field of cosmetics. In this case, he worked for the Shiseido brand, which was then little known, and became its artistic director in 1980. Then, in 2000, he decided to open his own perfume house. However, he devotes himself exclusively to the management of the latter and does not design the species themselves.

              On the other hand, it uses prestigious noses that work with particularly noble raw materials. In fact, the first range of fragrances launched by Serge Lutens was intended only for a public of initiated and wealthy people. It was only later that Serge Lutens decided to create essences with a more “common” scent and above all more affordable. Among his new fragrances, in 2010 he launched a scented collection simply called L’Eau. The latter marks a real change within the Serge Lutens brand. Indeed, these perfumes are in total opposition to the intense scents which precede them and opt instead for very natural nuances. Also, it is precisely from this range of perfumes from which the new Eau de Paille comes.

              L’Eau de Paille, a non-conformist fragrance

              Serge Lutens - L'Eau de Paille
              Serge Lutens – L’Eau de Paille

              L’Eau de Paille will appear by February in the Serges Lutens boutique at the Palais-Royal in Paris, and in March in all other perfumeries. Its smell is unlike any other and, as its name suggests, Serge Lutens aims to immerse us in the heart of a field on a hot summer day. Its smell thus appears to be quite dry and Serge Lutens also says that it is “dry water for those who do not like to get wet.

              He then alludes to the notion of dry toilet from ancient times, a time when water was considered somewhat dangerous. We can recognize there all the irony of Serge Lutens! Indeed, the latter is known for its assertive temperament and goes so far as to qualify this new essence as “anti-perfume”. The latter is a unisex fragrance that draws its share of masculinity from vetiver while its woody aspect gives it a very natural allure and its aquatic accord releases its liveliness.

              The different Chanel compact foundations


                Since 1910, the house of Chanel can boast of revolutionizing the world of fashion and luxury in general. Coco Chanel was an exceptional woman who literally rethought feminine elegance through each of her collections. Very avant-garde, she never ceased to adapt to her time and to the emancipation of the fairer sex. Even today, as if to preserve this heritage and this know-how, the house of Chanel tries to meet the new needs of women. This is how compact foundations came into being. Here is a quick overview of this practical and luxurious makeup range from Chanel.

                Chanel Ultra Hold Compact Foundation

                Chanel Ultra Hold Compact Foundation
                Chanel Ultra Hold Compact Foundation

                The Ultra-Hold Compact Foundation, the secret to perfect skin

                The Compact Foundation Chanel Ultra Wear offers a perfect face from morning to night. This compact foundation comes in a small box and contains a matte and luminous powder. This exceptional makeup combines comfort and coverage for a flawless face. Its incredible finesse is matched only by its airy texture. The Compact Ultra-Hold Foundation is also easy to apply, thanks to its small sponge applicator provided inside its case.

                The Ultra-Hold Compact Foundation, a regulator for the skin

                At the same time, Chanel Ultra Tenue Compact Foundation limits the appearance of shine zones on your face. For this, it contains a duo of zinc powder and polysaccharide. Its hydrophobic pigments, meanwhile, allow it to resist excess perspiration, sebum or humidity. Finally, to protect your face from the harmful effects of free radicals, know that it also contains UV protection with an SPF15 index, ideal for everyday use.

                Les Beiges Touche de Teint Belle Mine by Chanel

                Les Beiges Touche de Teint Belle Mine by Chanel
                Les Beiges Touche de Teint Belle Mine by Chanel

                Les Beiges Touche de Teint Belle Mine, for a radiant complexion of freshness

                The compact foundation Les Beiges Touche de Teint Belle Mine by Chanel , meanwhile, takes the form of a small foundation gel in a rounded case, and accompanied by a sponge. Very innovative, this product promises you a result filled with freshness and luminosity. Its dewy finish has the gift of waking up your skin and making it more radiant, as if you had just spent a day in the great outdoors. Its fine, watery texture provides buildable coverage. Les Beiges Touche de Teint Belle Mine foundation is ideal for creating tailor-made makeup.

                Les Beiges Touche de Teint Belle Mine, for transparent makeup

                Les Beiges Touche de Teint Belle Mine foundation is rich in numerous mineral pigments associated with soft focus powders. Together, these ingredients unify the face and sublimate it in transparency. Its water-rich formula provides an instant sensation of freshness and hydration. Thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid, Les Beiges Touche de Teint Belle Mine compact foundation preserves your feeling of comfort throughout the day. Finally, its kalanchoe extract, a protective plant active ingredient, associated with SPF 25 / PA ++ sun filters, protects your skin from external aggressions.

                Chanel is, to this day, one of the most famous brands in the whole world. Its easily identifiable logo is featured on many products. Chanel is the delight of women in many universes, whether it is fashion, leather goods, jewelry, cosmetics or even makeup. To treat yourself to a compact foundation signed Chanel is to opt for the best of French elegance and know-how. Chanel’s compact foundations are a wonderful combination of refinement, innovation and exceptional care.

                Sensuality at the heart of Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir

                  Sensuality at the heart of Jeu d'Amour l'Elixir
                  Sensuality at the heart of Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir

                  Beyond smelling good, a perfume has many other advantages. In addition, it is an undeniable tool of seduction. Indeed, smelling good allows you to please yourself but also others. Thus, Kenzo enjoys venturing into this field. With this last essence, He creates a real game of seduction. Game of Love the Elixir makes its appearance and promises to put your emotions to the test. Indeed, it is thought of as a game in which the evolution of feelings is the key to success. It evolves over the hours like a tender carnal story and its olfactory rendering is simply sublime.

                  Game of Love the Elixir, a story that does not date from yesterday

                  At a time when the world rhymes with consumer society, even the partners seem interchangeable. Indeed, couples are made and unmade according to the seasons. Love becomes a game with many followers. However, Kenzo does not seem to be one of those. Indeed, by creating Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir the house only intensifies the existing feelings. This is not a whole new story but simply the evolution of a previous olfactory chapter. The story of Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir began in 2006. That year, Kenzo decided to create a fragrance called Amour. The latter is presented as a journey. It takes us into a somewhat dreamlike universe, dominated by the impulses of the heart. Also, the year 2014 reinvented this first essence and approached love in a more frivolous way through the fragrance Jeu d’Amour. We then remember the advertisement presenting Louise Bourgoin confronting a beautiful model in a game of cards of the most sensual. Well, that’s exactly what it’s all about in Kenzo’s new nectar.

                  Kenzo reinvents seduction

                  Love the Elixir gameopens with particularly energizing notes. We find in particular the fusing green mandarin. This is associated with a more woody and musky aroma of blackberry. Gourmets will be delighted: this one is worked to deliver us its juice soaked in sunshine. It is a real marmalade which gradually gives way to the delicacy of jasmine. This white flower brings a dash of lightness to the fragrance, associated with a touch of luxury. This is brought by tuberose, a rare and expensive element that comes directly from India or Mexico. Finally, Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir ends with a more enveloping scent of vanilla. Likewise, aromas of rum appear quite discreetly and are enhanced by the tenacity and assertive character of patchouli. This surge of sensuality is made with great elegance. Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir is a brilliantly constructed perfume with many nuances. It is a real olfactory pleasure that should make more than one succumb …

                  Code Profumo, the Armani newcomer

                    Code Profumo, the Armani newcomer
                    Code Profumo, the Armani newcomer

                    Armani Code is a fragrance that needs no introduction. It saw the light of day in 2004 and immediately ranked among the bestsellers in men’s perfumery. It gives off a woody and oriental scent which particularly appealed to men and which is also very popular with women. Also, on the strength of its success, it has been revisited many times. It is therefore in this continuity that the Armani house has chosen to offer a new variant by early 2016. It is announced as being particularly sensual and seductive and will be named Armani Code Profumo .

                    Seduction and elegance are the program of the new Armani juice

                    The new Armani juice will be presented in a bottle reminiscent of its predecessor. You can’t go wrong and will easily recognize its elegant stature. This will keep its slender and somewhat off-center shape. However, this case will no longer be imagined in deep black but will be given a slightly warmer gradient. The Armani Code Profumo bottle will evolve from a light brown to a more intense brown and will be topped with a very refined copper cabochon. The idea is then to suggest the sensuality of the essence contained in the heart of this glass case.
                    On the scent side, the new Armani Code Profumo will open with very fresh citrus notes. Thus, the burst of green mandarin will be associated with the crunchy aspect of apple as well as the zesty tones of cardamom. His heart, meanwhile, will work around lavender. This will be embellished with a hint of spices via cinnamon as well as a brighter aspect brought by orange blossom. Finally, the story will end with a very sensual note of leather juxtaposed with more amber connotations. However, everything will be softened by the presence of tonka bean from Venezuela.

                    Chris Pine as the face of the new Profumo Code

                    Also, the launch of this new perfume has just been announced, what already do we know the name of its muse. Indeed, Armani has chosen to keep the face of Chris Pine already present on the advertising of the perfume Armani Code. This one perfectly embodies the man seen by Armani. He is elegant and refined, simply dressed in a black suit that looks great on him. His class seems almost innate and no woman can resist him then. He embodies a masculine ideal is a real fantasy for the fairer sex. Thus, Giorgio Armani himself says he is delighted with this collaboration. For him, “Chris perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand with a lot of charisma and with a natural elegance. In addition to revealing great talent, a lot of adaptability and a good dose of irony on the set, his magnetic charm makes him the ideal person for this fragrance ”. So it looks like Chris is getting everyone to agree. So, a little more patience, you will soon discover the new advertising spot for this perfume and especially its intoxicating scent.

                    The Scent Absolute by Hugo Boss, new fragrances and new advertisement

                      Boss The Scent Absolute by Hugo Boss, new fragrances and new ad
                      Boss The Scent Absolute by Hugo Boss, new fragrances and new ad

                      Boss The Scent Absolute by Hugo Boss, the staging of two lovers

                      In this year 2019, the Hugo Boss house presents two new essences from the Boss The Scent collection. Boss The Scent Absolute comes in a male and female version. To complete this olfactory outing, the brand has decided to accompany them with a new advertisement. Undoubtedly, these are two fragrances capable of raising the temperature a notch in a fraction of a second! So, how about immersing yourself in the intimacy of the two Hugo Boss muses and living a little of their love story with intensity?

                      Brigit Koss and Jamie Dornan, Hugo Boss muses

                      Brigit Koss is a Dutch model who was discovered at the age of 15 in Amsterdam and immediately moved to a modeling agency in the Netherlands. Little by little, Brigit Koss climbs the ranks and in turn seduces the greatest designers. Giorgio Armani, Miu Miu, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Lindbergh… No one seems to be able to resist his azure eyes. Moreover, Brigit Koss regularly makes the front page of the biggest magazines on the planet. Today, she is accompanied by Jamie Dornan, also a model, but rather known for his acting in The 50 Shades of Gray. No Ladies, you’re not dreaming, Hugo Boss has set his sights on Christian Gray to make him his muse! With such a duo, here is what promises us an advertising of the most seductive …

                      Boss The Scent Absolute, one of the most sensual images

                      In the previous commercial for Boss The Scent, which aired about a year ago, Jamie Dornan and Brigit Koss met at the opera and fell in love with each other through the intermediary of screens. We then separated from the couple in the middle of a game of seduction. Well, if you were wondering what happened to this budding duo of lovers until then, know that their story seems to have continued! This time, in the heart of the illuminated night of a thrilling city, Jamie Dornan and Brigit Koss meet again. Their breath guides all this publicity, just like classical music played harmoniously in the background. The different scenes filmed on camera intertwine. The advertisement for Boss The Scent Absolute gives us the effect of a game of seduction in terms of emotion and feeling. Hugo Boss draws a parallel with the boiling water, the crackling fire, the shiver that runs through the body,… While Brigit Koss and Jamie Dornan finally succumb to temptation, the force of the sensations is such that the bulbs explode! Undeniably, Boss The Scent Absolute is a sensual and almost erotic fragrance, warm and incandescent. The advertisement for Boss The Scent Absolute ends with the vision of these two bottles, which immediately appear as an inseparable couple.

                      The famous Boucheron ring in a new fragrance: Quatre en Bleu

                        The famous Boucheron ring in a new fragrance: Quatre en Bleu
                        The famous Boucheron ring in a new fragrance: Quatre en Bleu

                        Since 1858, the Boucheron house has sublimated the elegance of the greatest women on the planet. The brand quickly established itself as one of the best jewelers in French heritage. Then, little by little, Boucheron also became an immense perfumer. Inspired by its jewelry, and more particularly a ring, the brand gave birth to a feminine fragrance called Quatre, in 2015. Since then, year after year, Quatre has been renewing itself and giving birth to new compositions. In 2021, the story continues and Boucheron celebrates the arrival of the Quatre en Bleu women’s perfume.

                        The history and origins of Quatre en Bleu by Boucheron

                        Initially, Quatre de Boucheron was not the name of a perfume but that of a jewel. This is a ring that combines the most emblematic techniques of Boucheron creation. To do this, it is made up of four different rings, each bearing the marks of a jeweler’s know-how. The Quatre ring consists of a “gros grain” ring, another in “mirror setting”, the “double gadroon”, and the legendary “clou de Paris” inspired by the Parisian pavé. Then, these four jewelry techniques metamorphosed into four scent accords, giving birth to an exceptional perfume named Quatre, in 2015. Since then, this fragrance continues to renew itself, deploying other variations of its scent, in editions of Quatre Intense, Quatre Absolu de Nuit, Quatre en Rose and Quatre en Rouge. In 2021,

                        The jewel bottle of Quatre en Bleu by Boucheron

                        Quatre en Bleu comes in a bottle identical to that of its predecessors. Sculpted in heavy and massive glass, this case is a guarantee of refinement. Undoubtedly, it belongs to exceptional objects. On the other hand, it changes its color and is adorned, as its name suggests, in a new brilliant blue hue. Its stopper is made from the famous Quatre ring, in a very luminous and sparkling golden accord. This ring never leaves the bottle and opens thanks to a system of opening by rotation. Much more than a simple jewel, the case of Quatre en Bleu is a true work of art.

                        Quatre en Bleu de Boucheron, a floral and musky fragrance

                        Quatre en Bleu from Boucheron is a very refreshing and floral fragrance, which begins with tangy top notes of lemon, bergamot and tangerine. Then, this incisive start gives way to a generous and romantic heart of flowers. It contains in particular tuberose, rose and Egyptian jasmine. Little by little, it takes on a few woody notes of sandalwood and Akigalawood. Finally, a final touch of musk gives it a more animal and tempting side. The magic operates and the sensuality of this essence is undeniable.