La Tampteuse Encagée, a new and minimal floral part of Serge Lutens’ Black Collection

    La Tampteuse Encagée, a new and minimal floral part of Serge Lutens' Black Collection
    La Tampteuse Encagée, a new and minimal floral part of Serge Lutens’ Black Collection

    Serge Lutens is considered by many to be a real UFO in the world of perfumery. An extraordinary designer, he never follows trends and develops essences according to his own style. Each of them takes us into an imaginary world, leaving everyone free to express themselves. Once again, Serge Lutens has chosen to enrich his prestigious Collection Noire with a new essence. This one is called La Dompteuse Encagée and evokes the limits of freedom of expression, while letting a glimmer of hope appear in the distance.

    The strong and committed message conveyed by La Dompteuse Encagée

    The Encaged Tamer is a surprising and enigmatic name. The word “caged” is strong and suggests a restriction. Is the person who wears this perfume muzzled? In fact, through this perfume, Serge Lutens recalls the dangers of a restrictive society, limiting freedom of expression, and locking up thoughts. Here, Serge Lutens depicts a trapped human soul. However, not everything looks so gloomy. A light sparkles on the horizon, like a comforting and promising door. As always, its fragrance is accompanied by an intriguing sentence: “From this cold girl, painted in white, I have to take responsibility for everything. However, from this dreaded snow because it was planned, I sensed the avalanche. What the whiteness of the flower has seen does not bode well for freshness, the smell of frangipane compensates for it. Subtly amended, to be enjoyed directly on the skin ”. As you will have understood, this message shines through olfactively in a solar halo of frangipani flower and almond.

    La Tampteuse Encagée, a dark message enhanced by a luminous fragrance

    If the message announced by Serge Lutens is quite dark, its scent is not really. Moreover, it is even quite different from the other juices to which the creator had accustomed us. He, who generally works in a dark territory, relies here on more solar, gourmet and floral ingredients. The Encage Tamer contains frangipani flower and ylang-ylang. This generous bouquet deploys an intense and comforting luminosity. Here, it is a question of radiance, well-being and appeasement. Added to this is a touch of almond, placed more in the background. In perfect accordance with current trends, this juice is quite sweet. However, he never tilts into the overbidding of sentimentality. It is therefore perfectly balanced, thus letting the DNA and all the know-how of Serge Lutens shine through.

    La Tampteuse Encagée, a fragrance from the Black Collection

    As its bottle suggests, La Dompteuse Encagée belongs to Serge Lutens’ iconic Collection Noire. Thus, this juice is presented in a rectangular and very refined bottle. Equipped with a black label, it puts on a transparent glass, offering us here a splendid play of chiaroscuro. Like the entire Black Collection, La Dompteuse Encagée arouses questions and gives everyone a different interpretation. With it, men and women are free to let their imaginations run wild. La Tampteuse Encagée is not only a questioning of conventional perfumery but also a questioning of our society in its entirety.