Tropical Water, like a desire for elsewhere from the Sisley house

    Tropical Water, like a desire for elsewhere from the Sisley house
    Tropical Water, like a desire for elsewhere from the Sisley house

    As is often the case with her creations, Isabelle d’Ornano, the co-creator of the Sisley brand , was inspired by her desires for elsewhere.

    Great travel enthusiast, she gives us an exotic and mysterious universe. Eau Tropicale is definitely a summer Eau de Toilette. This fragrance is also inspired by the special atmosphere that reigns in the heart of a tropical forest. With him, freshness and exuberance are the order of the day. It will then seduce all lovers of distant horizons in search of adventure. Thus, the Jane who slumbers in you will find all her primitive instinct but will be no less beautiful and above all no less scented.

    A Tropical Water after the monsoons but full of flowers

    With this fragrance, Sisley plunges us into the heart of a tropical forest. The atmosphere is very special since the intense heat mingles with all the humidity of the place. Indeed, when the rain falls in this part of the globe, it has nothing to compare with the one we know. In fact, in this region of the planet, the natural elements dominate and the rain flows with extreme intensity. An intensity as lively as that which will strike you when you smell the invigorating scent of Tropical Water. What’s more, when the rain stops, it leaves behind a chypre scent. It is therefore this essence that inspired the Sisley house. However, it mingles with other equally exuberant notes. We find in particular bergamot, exotic flowers, ginger, hibiscus, and the acidity of passion fruit. As you will have understood, the vegetation is lush and the olfactory flavors are powerful here. Then, the heart brings with it leaves of fresh violet, Turkish rose and tuberose. This very elegant combination makes theSisley’s fragrance could not be more feminine. Its background, meanwhile, does not hide its assertive character. Cedar then combines with patchouli and ambrette flower, revealing to us the more musky facet of Tropical Water.

    A bottle as dazzling as a rare bird

    The colors of the Eau Tropicale bottle alone evoke a rare bird. Its brilliance is such that one lends oneself to the game of dreaming of an imaginary species close to the parrot. The bird is also affixed to its center as a reminder that this water has migrated to us but that it does indeed come from distant lands. All in transparency, the bottle of Sisley sees its base tinged with purple. As usual, the house called on the Polish artist Bronislaw Krzysztof. This one was then inspired by these previous bottles and remained in the same universe, thus offering us a new sculpture. The slender and crystalline design is very elegant. It exudes femininity and its colors are hypnotic. So, if you are already starting to miss the sun at the end of the year, you can always console yourself with this olfactory case from Sisley. This one is soaked in sunshine and should allow you to wait until your next vacation.