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Velvet Rouge

Velvet Rouge is a fragrance by Arte Profumi. The notes of this fragrance are cacao pod, coffee, chili pepper, mandarin orange, nutmeg, vetiver, licorice


Velvet Rouge is not for a perfume for wallflowers. Immediately enveloping and rich, it lustfully embraces the bold statement that only coffee beans, licorice, and cacao pods can make when exposed to high heat ? a delightfully aromatic, burnt aroma that fans of both Borneo 1838 by Serge Lutens and Coze by Parfumerie Generale will adore.
Despite its cocoa-dusted opening, however, Velvet Rouge steers well away from the gourmand elements of its dark materials, choosing instead to chase the cocoa down with a hit of bright, spicy chili pepper and a dusting of nutmeg. With a rooty, slightly dirty-grungy vetiver and what smells to us like a ton of sooty frankincense bringing up the rear instead of the usual vanilla or amber, Velvet Noir retains its slightly austere, mysterious character throughout. It finishes out on an unusual accent of smoked-out licorice. A scent full of shadows and secrets, Velvet Rouge is perfect for those of few words and un-guessed-at depths.

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