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Rose Millesimee Extrait de Parfum

Rose Millesimee Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Jovoy Paris. The notes of this fragrance are Clove, candied apple, Centifolia rose, white musks, Bulgarian rose


Powerful yet fresh, sensual yet subtle, Rose Millesimee is an intimate portrait of Centifolia Rose in all of its fresh, spicy splendor. In the talented hands of Vanina Murraciole, this exquisite soliflore is a portrait not only of Grasse’s most treasured native flower, but of the region itself, bursting with vivacious natural beauty and deeply romantic effect. A perfect dash of vibrant spice and a sweet, crisp candied apple note enhance the inherent freshness of Centifolia, while a smoothly musky base brings in a touch of Bulgarian rose to supplement the deeper, more carnal floral tones. The result is a true rose soliflore, showcasing the sublime simplicity of letting something naturally luxurious speak for itself. We’ve been blessed with some incredible rose scents already this year, but Rose Millesimee may well be the best of the bunch.

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