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Italian Citrus Eau de Parfum

Italian Citrus Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by D.S. and Durga. The notes of this fragrance are Cold pressed lemon, chinotto, blood orange, green mandarin, violet leaf, incense, copaiba balsam, musk ambrette, and oakmoss


Any D.S. & Durga take on citrus notes will intrigue the senses and warm the blood. This is balmy sprawled afternoons under parasols, tugged gently by summer winds, books and neglected papers scattered softly in the temperate shade. The scent of citrus trees drifts by like a reminder of seasons lived and loved. There is so much depth to Italian Citrus, a balsamic, rounded fervor rare in this family of effervescent fleeting aromas. Designed traditionally to refresh and whet our olfactory edge, citrus scents use sparkle, zing and sherbet to widen our senses and awaken the torpid soul. This oddly powdered scent with its hints of sticky Campari and candied peel fuses traditional zest and peel with smoke and sweet animalics for an incredibly sophisticated patina of cocktail poise. Hours into the drydown Italian Citrus is an exercise in clean, tender classicism.

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