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Grisette Eau de Parfum

Grisette Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Lubin. The notes of this fragrance are Citrus, grapefruit, bergamot, rose concrete, iris concrete, incense, musk, amber, cedar, Madagascan vanilla absolute.


In the Belle Epoque, a grisette referred to the stylish young women employed in droves in Paris’ booming sewing workshops. A fixture in the bars of Montmartre and the guinguettes on the Marne, the grisette was flirtatious, fun-loving, liberated, and full of the joie de vivre that inspired so much of the era’s famed art and culture. Now as the newest fragrance from the venerable house of Lubin, Grisette is poised to capture the essence of these beautiful, industrious coquettes with a crisp, lush, spirited fragrance that you can hardly sniff without a smile.
Grisette opens with bright citrus notes of grapefruit and bergamot, evoking the sun shining along the Seine as young roses- Moroccan and Bulgarian, presented as lovely and unpretentious as can be- wafts across the waters. Using for the first time an alcolate of rose concrete, Lubin has managed to preserve the most volatile and lively of the rose notes, which mingle with a touch of grapefruit to positively dance off the skin. Discreet heart notes of orris oil are cloaked in incense and hints of cedar wood with touches of musk and amber melt into the scent of Madagascan vanilla absolute. Joyful, playful and utterly gorgeous, Grisette is a fragrance for the spirit of youth within us all.

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