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French Leather Eau de Parfum

French Leather Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by MEMO. The notes of this fragrance are Lime, pink pepper, juniper, rose, clary sage, cedar, styrax resin, vetiver, musk, suede accord.


The essence of French style lies not in wild extravagance or gauche flights of fantasy, but in the deceptively casual, elegant everyday fashion that exudes the wordly, confident sensuality that Parisians are known for. With French Leather, MEMO delivers a leather fragrance that feels quintessentially Parisian- luscious suede and elegant rose combining in a gently charming concoction made all the more irresistible by its everyday accessibility.
Like the effortless style of a true Parisian, French Leather accentuates the comfortable with the bold, in this case focusing on a butter-soft suede accord that comes to life with exquisitely rationed bursts of color- bright, vibrant lime, lively pink pepper and juniper, and rich, sensual rose. The result is sheer loveliness, the sort of lived-in elegance that projects comfort and confidence in equal measure. For the ingénue who never wants to be seen as trying too hard, French Leather is your new secret weapon.

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