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Chanel Blue Extract Chanel Perfume

Chanel Blue Extract Chanel Perfume is a 2018 Woody Aromatic Extract by Chanel for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Polge . Top notes are Lemon. Middle notes are Lavender, Geranium. Base notes are Cedar, Sandalwood.

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Chanel and its concentration extracted from its perfume Bleu

However, Chanel refuses uniformity. Its Bleu de Chanel perfume frees itself from any code since its creation in 2010. It is both nonconformist and enigmatic while preserving an undeniable class. It makes people happy all over the world. Today, he is reinventing himself. It thus becomes Bleu de Chanel Parfum.

Bleu de Chanel, a fragrance designed for men who are free to think

Bleu de Chanel is a very universal perfume, and for good reason… This color was not chosen at random by Chanel. In fact, blue is one of the most popular shades of color around the world. Blue evokes for each of us masculinity but also the immensity of the sky and the infinity of the sea. Consequently, it is a source of strength and appeasement. By choosing this color, Chanel made her perfume a strong symbol of freedom. Bleu de Chanel is a manifesto of power and joie de vivre. Its new version is, like its predecessors, intended for all the men of today who are not afraid to live their own life as they see fit, to be the actors of their daily life. If you are free to express yourself, to surprise those around you, to think and act,

Bleu de Chanel Parfum, the third part of a collection

Before presenting you the new Chanel Blue Perfume itself, know that there are now three different olfactory editions of this collection. It all started with the creation of an Eau de Toilette in 2010. It was a very fresh and citrus juice, halfway between the sky and the sea, but still preserving a masculine charm in a more wooded. Then, this initial essence was metamorphosed in 2014 into an Eau de Parfum, more enveloping and above all more oriental. The woody side of this juice was accentuated while enveloping itself in the sweetness of vanilla and tonka bean. Le Parfum Bleu de Chanel is therefore the third variation of the collection.

Bleu de Chanel Extract de Parfum, a fresh and aromatic essence

But then, what about the scent of this new perfume? Once again, the latest Bleu de Chanel owes its existence to the official perfumer of the Chanel brand, Olivier Polge. Here he has chosen to make it the very essence of determination. The freshness of the range is first of all preserved in a top note made from lemon zest. Then, the Parfum Bleu de Chanel becomes more aromatic and Mediterranean in its heart. Lavender rubs against the peppery elegance of geranium. Finally, its base is smoother. The warm fullness of cedar is contrasted by the milky tenderness of sandalwood. The whole is both woody and intense, available in versions of 50 and 100 ml.

Bleu de Chanel returns with a more intense Perfume Extract

At Chanel, since 2010, masculinity shines through a fragrance called Bleu de Chanel. Synonymous with freedom, he gives us the image of a robust, charismatic and very elegant man. This fragrance very quickly became one of the best-selling brand and also one of the best-selling juices in the world. Today, Bleu de Chanel is reinventing itself and is back in an even more prestigious edition: Bleu de Chanel Extrait de Parfum. This perfume is aimed at all the refined men of our time, simply looking for a luxurious essence to match their ambitions. Focus on the recipe for this vibrant fragrance.

Bleu de Chanel Extract de Parfum, a powerful aromatic juice

Bleu de Chanel Extract de Parfum is undoubtedly the most elegant and luxurious version of this entire collection. This essence owes its existence to the talented perfumer Olivier Polge, official nose of Chanel. More than ever, with him, masculinity is a must. Bleu de Chanel Extrait de Parfum fully plays the sandalwood card and makes it its main ingredient. This precious wood brings here a very seductive oriental scent. This raw material is carefully mixed with the virility of cedar wood. The heart of Bleu de Chanel Extrait de Parfum contains lavender, one of the most common ingredients in men’s perfumery. It gives this juice a little retro touch and at the same time evokes the smell of shaving soap from yesteryear. Its Mediterranean accent is further supported by the fresh presence of lemon. Geranium gives this recipe a more floral and slightly powdery elegance. Other ingredients in turn appear in the background, giving more nuance and subtlety to Bleu de Chanel Extrait de Parfum. The essence hints at a wonderful blend of citrus, peppermint, ginger, jasmine and pink berries. The whole is extremely elegant without ever lacking in character.

The other versions of Bleu de Chanel

In addition to this new shivering and intense fragrance, the Bleu de Chanel collection contains two other species. Its first edition was more hesperidic. It also contained a scent of orange and lemon evocative of Calabria. It was a luminous and light puff that interfered in everyday life with a lot of class. The woods were less present than in its Extrait de Parfum version. Then, in 2014, Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum turned out to be more enveloping, thus touching for the first time the register of oriental perfumes. In particular, it revealed amber vapors of vanilla, Venezuelan tonka bean and sandalwood. Little by little, over the years, the Bleu de Chanel collection seems to gain in depth and become more sulphurous. Note, however, that Bleu de Chanel Extrait de Parfum is a very opulent juice and it is best to wear it in the evening or in winter. By force of heat, this is an essence that can be a bit too powerful.

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