Fix It Color, the new multifunction corrector from Dior

    Fix It Color, the new multifunction corrector from Dior
    Fix It Color, the new multifunction corrector from Dior

    The new Skyline makeup collection for fall 2016 has just been unveiled. It was entirely designed by the talented Peter Philips, a real make-up artist who has ensured the beauty of models for the biggest catwalks in the world. Also, the Fix It Color is a new product which is directly inspired by backstage makeup techniques and which already promises to reveal the instant beauty of your complexion, your lips or your eyes.

    The four magic shades of Fix It Color

    In order to offer a targeted and even more effective solution, Fix It Color is a corrector that comes in four colors. Blue acts on complexions with a yellowish tendency. It is suitable for Caucasian or Asian skin, giving them extra shine. The apricot color, meanwhile, is intended for matte and tanned complexions. It helps to sober up the skin and reduces dark spots. Likewise, it erases dark circles. Fix It Color yellow also corrects spots and is intended for blue circles. It is ideal for fair skin, erasing dark areas with a purple tendency. Likewise, it can be applied directly to the lips so as to slightly neutralize their natural skin tones and thus enhance the true color of lipsticks. Finally, Fix It Color is a wonderful anti rodent ally. It is used by keys to blur the vessels or areas of heating.

    Dior combines two formulas in a single composition

    The four Fix It Color all assemble amazing textures in a single concealer stick. As seen above, their overall shade helps target and neutralize skin color irregularities. On the other hand, the Fix It Color all have at their heart a formula enriched with a “soft focus” powder. This allows you to blur the texture of the epidermis and fill in fine lines. Thus, Fix It Color acts like a real perfecting base.