Clinic – Sonic System

    Clinic - Sonic System
    Clinic – Sonic System

    Created by dermatologists to cleanse your skin even more effectively and gently. The Clinique Sonic System brush reveals luminous and healthy skin. Cleans more effectively than manual cleaning. A simple, clean and waterproof design.

    Sonic System Clinic

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    Created by dermatologists and developed by Swiss engineers to cleanse your skin even more effectively and gently.
    Your skin will change.

    This brush was created to provide your skin with effective cleansing. Its unique tilted head, its sonic technology and its two types of bristles offer precise and tailor-made cleaning according to your skin’s needs. The white hairs cleanse the most delicate areas like the cheeks. The green bristles, placed on the inclined part of the brush, are to be used on areas where the pores are clogged, such as the T-Zone.


    Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

    Thanks to its innovative sonic technology, it cleanses deeply and gently, without attacking the skin. The pores are tightened and the skin is better prepared for daily care.

    Clinic - Sonic System
    Clinic – Sonic System

    Clinique Sonic System presents a simple, clean and functional design. 5 patents have been filed to protect this original design.

    Clinique dermatologists recommend using Clinique Sonic System for only 30 seconds in the evening with your Clinique Face Soap adapted to your skin type in order to eliminate impurities, pollution and sebum. And thus reveal a clean and healthy skin.

    Your skin has never been so luminous and ready to receive the other steps of your Basic 3-Step Beauty program.

    2 years warranty.

    Tips for Using the Clinique Sonic System Brush

    Clinique dermatologists advise using Clinique Sonic System for only 30 seconds, and the maximum recommended cleaning time is 1 minute.

    Do not use the Purifying Cleansing Brush on the eye area.

    We recommend that you start by using the Purifying Cleansing Brush once a day in the evening, then apply your Clinique lotion – step 2 of Basic 3 Stroke – then your Clinique moisturizer – step 3 of Basic 3 Stroke -.

    When you are comfortable, increase to 1 minute, then gradually if desired to twice a day.

    • Before using the Purifying Cleansing Brush, remove make-up from the skin.
    • Apply your Clinique face soap suitable for your skin type directly on the skin or on the previously moistened brush.
    • To optimize the benefits of the two types of bristles on the brush: on the cheeks, massage with the white bristles in a circular motion; to clean the T-Zone, tilt the brush to use the green bristles and massage from top to bottom. Let the brush glide gently over the face for it to work effectively, avoid pressure.
    • Massage forehead, nose and chin for approximately 5 seconds and cheek area for 15 seconds, for a total of 30 seconds of cleansing. After use, rinse the brush head thoroughly with clean water.

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