Clarins Khol Crayon for a glowing look

    Clarins Khol Crayon for a glowing look
    Clarins Khol Crayon for a glowing look

    The Clarins Khol Crayon, an essential for a glowing gaze

    The Clarins house demonstrates extraordinary expertise in the field of beauty. For decades, she has attached great importance to feminine beauty, and has devoted colossal research to perfecting each of her products. Thus, the brand continues to offer more and more new products, managing to seduce customers all over the world. However, Clarins has also refocused on the essentials. It is therefore precisely to enhance your gaze with one of the stars of the makeup department that Clarins offers you its Khol Crayon.

    What is Khol Crayon?

    The Khol Crayon is a cosmetic product which is applied to the eyes and which serves to magnify the gaze, like the sublime Egyptians of yesteryear, such as the seductive Cleopatra. Moreover, it is an ancestral makeup product, straight from northern Africa. Made from natural products and crushed minerals, it emphasizes and amplifies the intensity of the gaze. The Crayon Khol is a product that is clearly close to the eyeliner but usually more resistant to water and is easier to apply. If Khol exists in several forms (liquid, paste or pencil), it must be recognized that the pencil is the easiest and most practical to apply.

    Clarins Khol Crayon to amplify the glamorous side of your eyes

    Of course, the Khol Crayon is black. Nevertheless, Clarins has given himself a little eccentricity and decided to decline his Crayon Khol in seven different colors. From then on, the Khol Crayon from Clarins allows you to give free rein to all daring. It can then be used in two ways. A simple trace will allow you to obtain a clear color. On the other hand, nothing prevents you then to degrade it slightly using a brush. Moreover, a small brush has been directly integrated at the end of this pencil for this purpose. Clearly, Clarins is a brand that leaves nothing to chance! The Clarins Khol Crayon will seduce you with its gentle and precise application. Her outfit is absolutely exemplary and will allow you to obtain guaranteed flawless makeup. Most customers praise this product for its outfit, but also for its pleasant texture. Clarins Khol Crayon does not irritate the eyelid. It does not run and offers a very beautiful color, rich in pigmentation.

    Our little extra tips

    Note that when the Khol Crayon is applied inside the eye, it reduces the globular effect of too round looks. At the same time, be aware that kohl can also exist in white. In this case, it is recommended to apply it to the inner corner of your eyes. This makes it possible to enlarge the gaze. From then on, you will appear more awake than ever, and no one will resist your sparkling and playful eye!