CHANEL Plumping Volume Gloss

    CHANEL Gloss Volume Plumping Gloss
    CHANEL Gloss Volume Plumping Gloss

    If the Chanel brand is an emblematic figure of fashion, it is thanks to the daring of Gabrielle Chanel. His first Parisian boutique opened in 1910, followed by two others, in Deauville and Biarritz. Because she wants to liberate women, Gabrielle Chanel imagines Chanel collections that see the size disappear, the shapes disappear and even the skirts get shorter! Coco Chanel also mixes masculine-feminine codes and adapts the materials of her clothes to everyday life. Chanel cosmetics are made with the same know-how and cutting-edge technology. Here, Chanel presents her “Plumping Gloss Volume”.

    All the advantages of an ultra-shiny gloss Chanel Gloss Volume Plumping

    The “Plumping Gloss Volume” makes the lips even more visible thanks to its translucent texture dressed in a crystalline bottle. You then obtained a shimmering shine on visibly plump, smooth and hydrated lips. “Gloss Volume Plumping” enhances the natural color of the lips and diffuses an exquisite sensation of hot and cold. Its formula is unique and contains a film-forming polymer as well as emollient oils, which offers a plumping effect with mirror shine, and moisturizing properties. It also contains a menthol derivative and an extract of pink berries which give you a fresh sensory plumping effect which activates the micro-circulation of the lips. Finally, the vitamin E derivative releases antioxidant qualities.

    Chanel Gloss Volume Plumping, our advice for use

    You can use your “Plumping Volume Gloss” alone for a natural result, with a mirror shine and a plumping effect. You can also use it as a “top coat” for a sophisticated make-up result. Your Chanel “Plumping Volume Gloss” will enhance all Chanel lipsticks.

    Chanel “Gloss Volume Plumping” is an ultra modern and innovative gloss. It plumps your lips in an instant, while enhancing their color. Apply alone or over your favorite Chanel lipstick.