Bikini Questa Sera, the smell of a summer night

    Bikini Questa Sera, the smell of a summer night
    Bikini Questa Sera, the smell of a summer night

    The Louboutin brand was founded in 1991 by Christian Louboutin . He opened his first shoe store a year later, rue de Grenelle. Named “le Boudoir”, her shoe shop was stormed by Parisiennes. He will then settle in London, Milan or on the very popular 5th avenue in New York. Christian Louboutin’s partnership with major fashion houses, notably Yves Saint-Laurent, definitely propels the brand into the big leagues. In 2016, Christian Louboutin launched into perfumery, with 3 ultra sexy fragrances, “Trouble in Heaven, Torande Blonde” or “Bikini Questa Sera”.

    The woman according to Christian Louboutin

    With its shiny red pumps, the Christian Louboutin woman is above all very feminine. Short films present these first 3 fragrances with humor and sensuality. The “Bikini Questa Sera” woman is sensual and captivating . Its fragrance evokes the scent of the sun, which melts on the skin as day turns to night. “Bikini Quesa Sera” is the heat of the sun, the caress of the skin, the voluptuousness of the beach, but also the sensuality of the Louboutin woman, who now wears only a bikini. Christian Louboutin wanted to sublimate women, this time in an olfactory way. With a simple breath, he transports us here, in the middle of the heat of the summer days when only the wearing of the bikini is authorized… An essence oh so captivating!

    Bikini Questa Sera and its captivating notes

    Bold, the composition of “Bikini Questa Sera” is nonetheless dazzling in beauty. “Bikini Questa Sera” is defined as an oriental essence that has been designed to be experienced in the same way as a piano note played. First, “the ping” resonates like a burst of scent like the strike of the pian key, o followed by a resonance, as the note echoes its own sound. “Bikini Questa Sera” begins with notes of paradisoni, a molecule close to hedon, with the scent of very strong white flowers. The ultra feminine heart blends jasmine and tuberose. Finally, the base of “Bikini Questa Sera” is sensual and very mysterious, because it combines Haitian vetiver, sandalwood and ambergris.

    The bottle of “Bikini Questa Sera” is like that of the other two fragrances, like a precious work of art. Both tactile and hypnotic, Christian Louboutin bottles are considered true works of art. The glass curves and arches, as if to better capture the light. The colors are thus sublimated. The design of the bottle is inspired by the initial idea of ​​the drape and twist of the glass, creating a very natural visual dynamic. Here, the bottle is adorned with a totally magnetic gradient, going from the transparency of its base to a golden and copper color at its top.

    “Bikini Questa Sera” or the caress of a hot summer wind. As sexy as the other two fragrances of the Louboutin brand, “Bikini Questa Sera” can be worn alone or with a bikini …