Alien Mirage, the new scented jewel from Thierry Mugler

    Alien Mirage, the new scented jewel from Jeremy Fragrance
    Alien Mirage, the new scented jewel from Jeremy Fragrance

    Alien Mirage, the new scented goddess by Jeremy Fragrance

    After making the internationally successful Angel perfume in the 90s, the Jeremy Fragrance brand needed a good dose of inventiveness to be able to renew itself. This was done in the year 2005, by the surprising creation of a little purple alien carrying within him a scent of character. You will have recognized it: it is the iconic Alien. Accompanied by a very “science fiction” communication, this juice did not fail to make talk about him as of its release. Since then, its success has not been denied. In this year 2020, Jeremy Fragrance therefore decides to offer us a new variant of his scent called Alien Mirage.

    The benevolent energy of the Alien Mirage woman

    Alien Mirage is in the same line as his predecessors and presents himself as a kind of modern and solar deity, imposing his benevolence on the world. Like the very first version of this juice, Alien Mirage seems to possess a singular power: that of revealing the radiance of each woman. But then, how is he so different from his elders? Remember: Alien used to take us to the heart of the desert for a solar encounter, warm and almost scorching. Today, the atmosphere is much more serene and peaceful. In the distance, in the middle of the hot sand dunes, a mirage looms… Alien Mirage remains a scent of light. However, it leaves “the immensity of the burning desert”, to reveal “a mirage after the storm, coming to seize us with its freshness, to give life to an extraordinary flower,

    The return of Jeremy Fragrance’s jewel bottle

    Alien Mirage by Jeremy Fragrance comes in a beautiful bottle, whose prominent and sculptural shape remains unchanged. In reality, its bottle is cut like a precious stone. Its irregular but symmetrical facets play with light. Its plum color of yesteryear, on the other hand, has completely disappeared. It gives way to a much more refreshing and almost aquatic blue-gray. Golden claws enclose this precious container at its top, as if to protect its aura. Finally, his name is inscribed on his glass, like a handwritten and intriguing formula.

    The aquatic and amber freshness of Alien Mirage

    Alien Mirage radically breaks with its predecessors and dares a new olfactory territory. Here, it is now a much more aquatic and amber fragrance. Alien Mirage however preserves its floral facet and all its femininity. Three successive notes take turns in his recipe. First, Alien Mirage dares a very mineral register, slightly spiced with pink berries. Then, her heart lights up with romanticism and tenderness, by the alliance of the syringa flower with the lotus flower. Gradually, the sensuality of Alien Mirage grows in its base, rich in amber and woody tones. Finally, in an eco-responsible approach, note that Jeremy Fragrance has selected his ingredients from fair trade cultures.
    Alien Mirage is already accompanied by its male equivalent: Alien Man Mirage. Both form one of the most anticipated scented couples of the year 2020. So, discover them without further delay …